*the be.come mat*
*the be.come mat*
*the be.come mat*
*the be.come mat*
*the be.come mat*
*the be.come mat*
*the be.come mat*
*the be.come mat*

*the be.come mat*

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Welcome to my mat! ~the best mat for be.coming on, and a great addition for any barefoot exercise!~  I want you to know how much care, time and thought went into getting this mat justtt right. A three year labor of love, and being the pickiest Goldilocks on the block, led us to the mat you now hold. Every line, detail and texture was designed with YOU in mind. All that’s left is to…ENJOY!

xx - bethany c. meyers


26" X 72"

6 mm thickness

5.73 lbs


Our motto, “i can do it,” is proudly displayed for the days when you need reminding.

Softly embossed lines ensure they’ll never fade away (they also won’t dig into your body).

Grid of lines act as a reference point to help you align form. Utilize the lines according to YOUR body (there is no right or wrong) - all heights and sizes will benefit. 

Coming in at 26”x72,” your be.come mat is two inches wider and longer than a traditional yoga mat. 

Firm enough to support balance, yet cushy enough to support knees, hands and tailbone. 

Grippy enough to keep hands in place, slick enough to allow clothes to glide with ease. 


Made of PVC. Non Slip, Odor, latex and 7P Free.

the be.come mat is designed to be supportive enough to support you - which means the mat will indent in response to body pressure. This is normal, and the mat will return to its original state after a few minutes.


Wipe mat clean with a damp reusable cloth after each use; allow to dry before storing. This mat is intended for barefoot use, be mindful that shoes may scuff it! If you notice your mat has a particular unboxing smell, wipe your mat with a solution of water and apple cider vinegar. 


Designed to be the last mat you'll ever need, the be.come mat aims to reduce mat production, consumption and disposal. 


Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final.

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